Employee Lifecycle

The College Values will be embedded into crucial HR areas to ensure they are visible in the employee lifecycle. Plans are currently being developed to embed the Values into a range of key areas.

Employee Lifecyle

Recruitment & Progression

Values will be embedded within the recruitment and progression cycle, for example:recruitment panel

  • To make the values visible and ensure staff and prospective staff can see our commitment to values (December 2021)
  • To ensure our values are understood and consistently applied throughout the recruitment process (January 2022)
  • To update academic promotion documents, so they are aligned with and reflect our values (September 2022)

Employee Relations

Values will be embedded within the employee relations (ER) cycle, for example:2 people meeting

  • All training provided by the ER team will refer to Values (December 2021)
  • All ER policies to be updated to incorporate Values (by December 2022)
  • All hearings and meetings will be conducted with Values in mind, with respect for all parties (ongoing)

Rewards & Recognition

Values will be embedded within the Reward, Recognition, Policy and Engagement cycle, for example:woman at desk smiling

  • Use the Staff Forum to highlight and talk about the Values as they are used and demonstrated throughout the College (November 2021)
  • To ensure Values are embedded into the Staff Survey for 2022 when reviewing the question set (February 2022)
  • To develop and implement a framework to support non-financial recognition underpinned by the Values (March 2022)

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Values will be embedded within the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion cycle, for example:people of different ethnicities

  • Incorporate the values into the policies and guidance documents to reflect the behaviours and culture expected from staff/leaders at the College (September 2021)
  • Use social media to message EDIC support of the College values and spotlight news items and links to best practice (October 2021)
  • Incorporate the values into programmes to ensure that participants have an opportunity to reflect on how they can incorporate the values in practice (February 2022)


Values will be embedded within the People and Organisational Development (POD) cycle, for example:zoom meeting

  • To use existing comms channel to highlight values and behaviours in more detail. This will provide another route for promoting values while also adding valuable and relevant content to the newsletter (Ongoing)
  • To ensure that all participants receive updated materials referring to values and behaviours, providing a consistent message (September 2021)
  • To ensure that the new POD website provides relevant content on and reference to values and behaviours, taking opportunities to highlight these wherever appropriate (September 2021)

Performance Management

Values will be embedded within Performance Management, for example:paper boats

  • Impactful training that equips managers and staff to take the right level of responsibility to have constructive and motivating conversations related to performance and development (December 2022)
  • To include a rating related to performance that provides individuals with a clear indication of their impact and performance (Autumn 2022)
  • To make the link/relationship between performance and development stronger – incorporate into training (November 2022)

College Community

We need your support to embed the Values into everyday life at Imperial. Explore below what sessions are available to you to help embed the Values in your team and area.
To support these sessions, you can use the Quick Reference Guide

Support and sessions available
 Development for LeadersDevelopment for ManagersDevelopment for Everyone Team Embedding Aligning the Values
 What: Development for leaders Development for managers To understand the Values  To embed Values locally  To align Values locally 
 Who:  Senior leadership All staff with line management responsibility All staff and students  Teams  Teams 
 When: January - July 2022 January - July 2022  Sessions to be arranged locally  To be arranged locally (led by Heads of Teams)  To be arranged locally (led by Heads of Teams) 
Values and Behaviours 2022
support and sessions that are available to support you and your teams to embed the Values and bring them to life