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What is a Values Champion?

The Values Champions support the rollout and embedding of the College Values and Behaviours; meeting for an hour each month.
Raising awareness of culture and Values in their areas, they provide ideas and feedback on Values-related development sessions and communication plans; and reflect the needs and experience of teams on the ground.
If you are interested in becoming a Values Champion and playing an active role in shaping culture across the College, get in touch with the POD team.

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Who are the Values Champions?

  • Adriyana Stefanova (ICT)
  • Alison Dexter (Enterprise)
  • Amelia Jedynak (Business School)
  • Anandha Gopalan (Computing)
  • Augusta Critchley (Enterprise)
  • Claire Goode (Commercial and Investment Activities Group)
  • Dave Clements (Physics)
  • David Lefevre(Business School)
  • Desmon Samuel (Faculty of Medicine Centre)
  • Hayley Skinner (Research Office)
  • Ivona Ryan (Enterprise)
  • John Tregoning (Infectious Diseases)
  • Julie Etheridge (Life Sciences)
  • Katie Dorreen (Business School)
  • Laura Nicholson (Business School)
  • Nadia Soliman (Surgery and Cancer)
  • Nathalie Baker (Finance)
  • Nick Kay (Risk Management)
  • Olivia Anderson (Business School)
  • Paul Manning (Risk Management)
  • Philip Badman (Surgery and Cancer)
  • Rebecca Rahman (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Ruth Tipples (Infectious Diseases)
  • Stefano Sandrone (Brain Sciences)
  • Surrinder Johal (Health and Safety)

What does the role involve?

Through being part of our community of Values Champions, our aim is to inspire and empower you to inspire others to bring the College Values to life.

Your role will involve:

  • To commit to attend a meeting once a month (1 hour).
  • To actively role model the Values in your role as a Champion and in your team.
  • To listen to updates and feedback from the project team.
  • To share updates and feedback from your teams and your observations of Values and Behaviours on the ground.
  • To advocate for the Values and Behaviours in your own role and back in your team/department.
  • To participate in discussions and share ideas on how to raise awareness and the integration of Values into our culture.
  • To actively participate in the development and rollout of communications (when appropriate).

What are the dates and times of the Values Champions meetings?

The second Wednesday of every month, 12:00 - 13:00.

What is involved in the meetings?

The meetings will involve:

  • Updates from the Values project team.
  • Feedback from teams regarding good practice.
  • Issues and ideas sharing.
  • Advocacy with your teams.​
  • Input and feedback on development and communications support.