Who to Contact First

A number of College Departments already provide support and assistance in respect of legally-related matters. If you need advice in relation to one of the niche areas listed below, in the first instance you should contact the individual or department responsible for that area, who will then, if necessary, liaise directly with the Legal Department on your behalf.



If your query relates to an advancement matter (philanthropic income including regular giving and legacies), you should contact your Advancement contact

For legal queries relating to advancement matters, please contact:

- In-House Lawyer (Advancement): Liam Macrae




If you query relates to research, you should contact your representative in Research Services.

In particular, if your query relates to:


  • For general queries regarding copyright, please refer to the Library's Guide to Copyright which can be found here: Library Services
  • If your query relates to copyright licenses (CLA, NRA or ERA) held by the College, please see the Copyright licenses information page on the Central Secretariat website or contact the College's Licensing Co-ordinator, Riccardo Feasey at riccardo.feasey@imperial.ac.uk


If your query relates to the College's insurance policies, in the first instance please refer to the Finance Department's insurance page.


If your query relates to the supply of goods or services, including tendering for goods or services please refer to the Purchasing department website or contact the Purchasing Helpdesk.

College Property

If your query relates to:

Health and Safety

If your query relates to health and safety refer to the Safety Department or contact the Director of Safety Surrinder Johal.


If your query relates to Value Added Tax, please see the Finance department information page or contact Graham Conner at g.conner@imperial.ac.uk

All other tax related queries should be directed to Martin Mason at martin.mason@imperial.ac.uk


Please direct any employment related queries to your Human Resources contact. If you are unsure who your contact is, please see HR contact list


  • If you are a member of staff and are providing consultancy services to a third party you may wish to arrange this through Imperial Consultants. For further information, please see Imperial Consultants. If you do not wish to use Imperial Consultants, we suggest you obtain independent legal advice with respect to any consultancy agreement you enter into.

Contacting us

If your matter falls outside the categories listed above, please contact the Legal Department for advice.