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A summary of the work carried out by the Legal Department

Legal Services Office - what we do summary

The Legal Services Office provides practical legal advice in respect of the day to day activities of the College which is intended to enable College Officers to make informed decisions on behalf of the College.

One of the aims of the Legal Services Office is to develop, where appropriate to do so, standard form legal documentation for use throughout the College. If you would like to discuss the development of a standard form document, please contact Milena Radoycheva at m.radoycheva@imperial.ac.uk or Justine Soulieux at j.soulieux@imperial.ac.uk.

Where appropriate to do so, we will brief external lawyers on behalf of the College, please see Imperial and external lawyers.

A number of College Departments already provide support and assistance in respect of legally-related matters. Consequently, if you need advice in relation to one of these other areas, in the first instance you should contact the individual or department responsible for that area. Please see our Niche Areas - Who to Contact First page for further details: Niche advice and services.