The Centre for Advanced Therapeutics is committed to training the next generation of gene and cell therapists. Our training courses foster the multidisciplinary nature of advanced therapeutic medicinal products and therefore, they are designed to promote collaboration and links with affiliated cross-faculty departments, such as other Imperial Networks and Centres, NHS and Industry.

Our options of study and training


CATGRAD is lead by Professor Uta Griensebach and Professor Eric Alton, managed by Dr Nicoletta Charolidi and supported by NHLI.

The aim of CATGRAD is to train the next generation of multidisciplinary leaders in the field of Advanced Therapeutics with a specific focus on:

  • Discovery of an Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Product (ATMP)
  • Delivery of ATMPs
  • Synthesis and Manufacture of ATMPs

                   -  gene therapy (DNA, RNA therapeutics)

                    - somatic cell therapy (stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells

                    - tissue engineered product

                    - combination of the above

  • Delivery of ATMPs
  • Synthesis and Manufacture of ATMPs

CATGRAD projects will have translational research value to Imperial PIs, PhD students and participating industry/ SMEs, stretching thematically from discovery and research to preclinical and manufacturing validation phases in the ATMP development pathway. 

Our areas of research include biomaterials, cell therapies, gene therapy technologies (including RNA therapeutics, novel vectors) with specialties in the fields of haematology, neurology, cardiology, respiratory and next generation vaccines.

CATGRAD benefits

Industry and Imperial PI partners will have an opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary projects offering studentships for 3.5 years. The focus will be on translational research directly related to the industry partner's advanced therapy direction and strategic priorities. Studentships will be jointly funded by Imperial College and the industry partner (50:50) and co-supervised by PIs at Imperial and scientists from the industry partner. 

We aim to recruit 3-5 students per year. The cohort will be trained under the Imperial College training framework, receiving competitive bursary inlcuding placement at the partner industry.

The industry partner will have access to Imperial’s academic expertise, early-stage access to innovative research, as well as the Centre’s network of Advanced Therapeutics.

For more information, please contact Dr Nicoletta Charolidi (

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