Guidelines for accepting philanthropic income and other gifts

The College seeks and encourages charitable donations from a range of sources including individuals, companies, charitable trusts and foundations, alumni and friends of the College. However, as is acknowledged in the College’s Relationship Review Policy:
(a) All relationships with third parties should be subject to prior and continuing consideration in order to confirm that they support the College’s mission, vision and strategic aims and are consistent with the overall objectives of the College; and

(b) Careful review of proposed and on-going relationships is required in order to mitigate the risk of ethical issues causing damage to the College’s reputation, reducing the College’s ability to secure funding and reducing its capacity to develop beneficial relationships in the future.

Further consideration is also required to confirm that proposed receipts and the terms of such receipts are in the College’s best interest.

Accordingly, all gifts are accepted at the College’s discretion and following a proportionate review. The College’s Guidelines for accepting philanthropic income and other gifts sets out the process for such review. Responsibility for the review of proposed gifts rests with the Development Division, reporting to the Director of Development. This includes a review of the ethical considerations as well as the wider scope of any proposal.  

Guidelines for accepting philanthropic income and other gifts [pdf]‌

All staff at the College have a responsibility to notify the proposed receipt of all gifts to the Development Team. The College reserves the right to refuse or refund any income thought not to meet the requirements set out in the policy