Mirko KovacProf. Mirko Kovac          Director                                      Room 326, CAGB, South Kensington Campus 

PhD, EPFL. Postdoctoral researcher, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard University. My research focus is on the development of novel, biologically inspired flying robots for distributed sensing in air and water on autonomous robotic construction with particular specialisation is in robot design, fluid-structure interaction and multi-modal robot mobility.


Ashutosh Choubey

Dr Ashutosh Choubey    Programme Manager          Room 141a, CAGB, South Kensington Campus

PhD, Delhi University India.  MBA, Durham University. Joined ARL December 2019. A business development consultant with background as a material research scientist. I focus on managing the ongoing research projects, strengthening links with current collaborators and building new relationships. 

Sofia Shamim

Sofia Shamim                 Personal assistant to Prof. Mirko Kovac          Room 141A, CAGB, South Kensington Campus

B.A. Information Management & Finance. Joined ARL March 2020. Providing PA support to Prof. Kovac and as well as project and administrative support to the Group.


Research Associates and Visiting Faculty


Dr Jenna Lawson      Research Assistant

PhD Bioacoustics and Landscape Ecology, Imperial College London 2021. Joined the ARL in December 2021. My focus is on how aerial robotics can facilitate environmental sensing, with a focus on bioacoustics research in both terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Basaran Bahadir Kocer

Dr Basaran Bahadir Kocer         Research Associate

PhD Nanyang Technological University. Joined the ARL in Nov 2019. Research Project: Design, Control, and Perception for Aerial Manufacturing: Current approaches could enjoy leveraging static models or they might only rely on training of policies with fixed architectures of neural networks.

Daniel GortatDr. Daniel Gortat        Research Associate

PhD in Industrial Photonics, University of Cambridge, 2020. Joined the ARL in October 2020. My research focuses on the industrial applications of aerial robotics in construction with particular specialisation in material deposition methods and repair of structures at height.

Pham NguyenDr. Pham Huy Nguyen        Research Associate

PhD Systems Engineering, Arizona State University, 2020. Joined the ARL in November 2020. Research project: Soft Actuation Schemes; Soft Aerial Robotics. My research focuses on designing and utilizing soft actuation schemes for robotics applications.

OscarOscar Pang      Research Engineer

BEng in Computer Engineering, CUHK 2006. Joined the ARL in March 2021. Seasoned developer in Deep Learning and embedded system. Focus on applying simulation and Reinforcement Learning in aerial robotics development. Possess a private pilot licence in Canada and Jetson AI Ambassador of Nvidia.

Yunus GovdeliDr Yunus Govdeli    Research Associate

PhD in Aerospace Engineering, 2020. Joined the ARL in July 2021. My research currently focuses on the design of shape-morphing aerial vehicles for sensor deployment applications.


ConstancaConstanca Rosas   Research Engineer

MEng in Aeronautical Engineering, Imperial College London, 2021. Joined the ARL in October 2020 as an undergraduate researcher and in September 2021 became a research engineer. Research project: MEDUSA a Multi-Environment Dual-robot for Underwater Sample Acquisition.

David HausermannDavid Hausermann   Research Engineer/Visiting Researcher

MSc Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich 2021. Joined the ARL in August 2021. Current research focus on aerial robotics for extreme temperature environments. Vast experience in FRP composite design and manufacturing, CAD design and FEA. Sounding rocket enthusiast and member of the ARIS rocketry team at ETH Zurich. 

Aslan Miriyev

Dr Aslan Miriyev          Senior Lecturer/Visiting Researcher

PhD Materials Engineering,Ben-Gurion University, 2015. Joined the ARL in October 2019.  My research focuses on the materials-robotics nexus, aiming at developing robotic materials and creating intelligent robots of the future. Now at Ben-Gurion University.

Salua HamazaAsst. Prof. Dr Salua Hamaza         Assistant Professor/Visiting Researcher

PhD Robotics and Autonomous Systems, University of Bristol 2019. Joined the ARL in November 2019. My focus is on the design, control and integration of a novel manipulation system for aerial robotics applications. Now at TU Delft.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Sophie Armanini        Assistant Professor/Visiting Researcher

PhD, Delft Univerity of Technology, 2018. Joined the ARL in April 2018-September 2020. Now at TUM, Germany.



PhD Students

Peter ZhengPeter Zheng

MEng, Imperial College London 2017. Joined the ARL in October 2017.  Research project: Morphing multirotor for rainforest applications.  This project aims to apply morphing designs to quadrotor robots to aid remote sensing of the rainforest under canopy.

Andre Farinha

Andre Farinha

MEng, University of Lisbon, 2016. Joined the ARL in November 2017.  Research project: Remote sensor placement from aerial robots.



Feng Xiao

MSc, Imperial College London, 2017. Joined the ARL in May 2017.  Research project: Bio-inspired Perching for Micro Aerial Vehicles: Inspired by flying insects’ perching strategy. This project aims to find the robotic method for MAV using embedded sensing and intelligence to perch.

Chuqian LouChuqian Lou

MSc, Imperial College, 2018. Joined the ARL in January 2019.  Research project: meso-scale manufacturing techniques, control of sensor-limited robot systems, and morphable soft-bodied flying robots.


Julien Di TriaJulien Di Tria

MEng, Microengineering March 2019, EPFL Switzerland. Joined the ARL March 2020.  Research project: AquaMAV: multi-modal aerial aquatic diving plane.


Brett StephensBrett Stephens

MSc Robotics Systems and Control ETH Zürich. Joined the ARL in October 2018.  Research project: A multi-modal approach to aerial manipulation, autonomous sensor placement with an aerial manipulator, passive velocity field control of aerial manipulators.

Fabian WiesemullerFabian Wiesemüller

MSc ETH Zurich 2019. Joined the ARL in December 2019.  Research Projects: Bio-degradable micro aerial vehicle. Bio-inspired lightweight glider: Ultralightweight and bio-mimetic designs for micro aerial vehicles enable new strategies towards a circular economy.

Lachlan OrrLachlan Orr

MEng Imperial College, 2019. Joined the ARL in August 2019.  Bioinspired construction and maintenance of infrastructure with aerial additive manufacturing methods. The aim of the project is to develop an aerial construction platform capable of performing construction tasks and novel surface interactions.

Yusuf KayaYusuf Kaya

MSc, Architecture August 2021, Izmir Institute of Technology. Joined the ARL in October 2021. Research project: Aerial Additive Manufacturing Methods.

AndreaAndrea Giordano

BSc in Aerospace Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, 2018; MSc in Mechanical Engineering, EPFL, 2020. Joined ARL in January 2022. Research project: bioinspired and learning based methods for terrain transition; multimodal sensing for infrastructure.

Alumni (PhD & PostDocs)

Crystal WinstonCrystal Winston

BSc Mechanical Engineering. Joined the ARL in August 2019. I was one of five MIT students to receive the prestigious Marshall Scholarship, which provides two years of funding toward a graduate degree in the United Kingdom.  Research project: Morphing Wings for Sailing Micro Aerial Vehicles. Now at Stanford.

raphaelDr Raphael Zufferey          Research Engineer

PhD, Imperial College London, 2019. At ARL in March 2016-April 2020.  Now Postdoctural Researcher at Robotics Vision and Control Group at the University of Seville.


Ketao Zhang

Dr Ketao Zhang

PhD, King’s College London-Beijing Jiaotong University, 2011. At the ARL June 2016-September 2018.

Now Lecturer in Robotics Mech Eng, Design and Robotics at Queen Mary University of London.

hannDr Hai Nguyen Nguyen          

PhD, SNU, 2018. Joined the ARL in April 2018-March 2020 as Research Associate. 

Now Senior Robotics Engineer at Vimaan Robotics, Inc.

Barbara Mazzolai

Dr Barbara Mazzolai

Visiting Faculty from January 2017.

Now Director of the Center for Micro-BioRobotics (CMBR) at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT).

PooyaDr Pooya Sareh

PhD, University of Cambridge, 2014. At the ARL February 2015-May 2018.

Now Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Engineering Design at the University of Liverpool.


Dr Sina Sareh

PhD, University of Bristol, 2012. At the ARL January 2016-April 2017.

Now Reader in Robotics and Design Intelligence-Academic Leader in Robotics at Royal College of Art.

Pisak ChermprayongPisak Chermprayong

MEng, Imperial College London, 2014. At the ARL June-September 2014

Now Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Burapha University. 


Dr Talib Alhinai

PhD, Imperial College London, 2017. BEng, University of Manchester, 2013. At the ARL June 2013-2017

Founder of Buildrone, now at McKinsey, Dubai.

Chang LiuDr Chang Liu

PhD, University of Southampton, 2017. At the ARL April 2018-Nov 2019.

Now Founder of Extend Robotics.

LauraDr Laura Margheri 

PhD, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, 2012. At the ARL October 2016-2018.

Now Postdoctural researcher at the Center for Micro-BioRobotics of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia.

Dr Robert Siddall Rob Siddall

PhD, Imperial College London, 2017. MEng, University of Cambridge, 2012. At the ARL February 2013-September 2017.

Now Lecturer in Robotics at University of Surrey.

Thomas CreedyDr Thomas Creedy

PhD, Imperial College London, 2017. MSc, University of Oxford, 2013. At ARL August 2013-October 2016

Now Postdoctural Researcher at the Natural History Museum.

Alejandro Ortega

Alejandro Ortega

MRes, Imperial College London, 2015. At the ARL October 2014-2019.

Now Data Scientist at causaLens

Yufei JinYufei Jin

MSc Aeronautical Engineering, Imperial College London, 2019. At ARL October 2019-March 2020.

Now System Engineer at Boeing.

Lab members