Call-out for school governors

Imperial College London and Governors for Schools are pleased to invite staff and alumni of the College to an information session on becoming a school governor.

The event will take place on Microsoft Teams from 12:00 – 12:30 on Friday 8 July 2022. For more information and how to book your tickets please visit the Eventbrite page



About Governors for Schools

Governors for Schools is a national education charity that places skilled volunteers on school governing boards across England and Wales.

They work on a skills-based matching system and will put you in contact with the schools most in need of the skills and experience you bring. They will also provide you with a free 16-week induction pack from The Key for School Governors to help you settle into your new role, and have a number of free e-learning modules on their website to introduce you to school governance.

School governors play a key role in help setting the strategic direction of schools and implementing best practice, in an advisory role, while leaving the day to day management of schools to head teachers and their staff bodies. They are often referred to as the most important volunteer group in education.

The role offers a fantastic continuing professional development (CPD) community, which will help you test and develop your skills in a challenging environment whilst making a significant contribution to your local community.

For more information on becoming a school governor, please visit or contact William Durham, London Team Leader, by email or phone on 020 7288 9535. He will be happy to discuss the role further with you.

For Imperial related questions, please email Silje Andersen in the Imperial Outreach team.

Learn about becoming a governor

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