I am a second-year PhD student in the Department of Chemical Engineering. My research will develop a multiscale computational model to simulate blood flow in bioprosthetic aortic valve prostheses and predict valve thrombosis. The outcome of this work is expected to provide patient-specific guidance for post-operational anticoagulation therapy and suggestions for valve design to lower thrombosis risk.

I completed my undergraduate study in Mechanical Engineering at the Anhui University of Technology, where I gained basic mathematics, physics, and mechanics knowledge. One day I came across the interdisciplinary field of cardiovascular biomechanics and found my mechanical engineering background could provide a different perspective, so I continued my MEng in Biomechanics and Medical Engineering at Peking University, where I completed my research topic of left ventricular wall biomechanical analysis in Cardiovascular Mechanics and Interventional Cardiology Laboratory.


2020 - present
PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, UK 

2017 - 2020

MEng in Biomechanics and Medical Engineering, College of Engineering, Peking University, China

2013 – 2017

BEng in Machine Design, Manufacturing and Its Automation, School of Mechanical Engineering, Anhui University of Technology, China 

Research Interests

My research interests include numerical simulations to explain how fluid, structure, and other factors interact in the cardiovascular system, how these interactions eventually lead to cardiovascular disease, and how medical devices play a role in changing these interactions and ultimately treating the disease.

Project Title

"A multiscale computational model for valve thrombosis following bioprosthetic aortic valve implantation"


Professor Xiao Yun Xu

Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, UK

Dr Saeed Mirsadraee

Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals, UK


Yin, Z., Zhang, W., Zhao, D., Sulejmani, F., Feng, Y., Huo, Y., & Tan, W. (2020). Cardiac wall mechanics analysis in hypertension-induced heart failure rats with preserved ejection fraction. Journal of biomechanics, 98, 109428.

Awards and Funding

Fully funded PhD scholarship awarded by the Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London.

Teaching Experience

Graduate teaching assistant in Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London:
Matlab Tutorial- 1st Year Undergraduate (2021/22)

Graduate teaching assistant in College of Engineering, Peking University:
Biofluid Mechanics- Postgraduate (2018/19)



1M17 ACEX, Department of Chemical Engineering, South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London, SW7 2AZ


+44 (0)207 594 2562


Email Zhongjie