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AB - Abstract—Little is known of the likely changes in blood flowvelocity profiles and aortic wall shear stress (WSS) followingtranscatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). The objectiveof this study was to investigate the effects of TAVI onflow patterns in the thoracic aorta by using cardiovascularmagnetic resonance imaging (CMR) and computational fluiddynamics (CFD). An elderly patient with aortic stenosis wasexamined using MRI pre- and post-TAVI, and CFDsimulations were carried out incorporating MRI-derivedpatient-specific anatomy and upstream flow conditions. Pre-TAVI velocity profiles demonstrated the highly disturbedturbulent flow and jet impacting the wall of the arch owing tothe partial opening of the stenosed aortic valve, with likelypathological effects. In the Post-TAVI aorta, velocity profileswere similar to those of healthy aortas with spatially moreuniform WSS and lower turbulence levels, demonstrating thefavourable effects of the TAVI procedure in restoring normalaortic flow. This study has shown both the effectiveness ofTAVI on an individual patient and the advantage of thecombined CMR and CFD method for a comprehensivepatient-specific assessment of pre- and post-TAVI aortic flowpatterns and WSS over CMR alone.
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