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AB - Bone marrow (BM) is a three-dimensional tissue and the site of blood formation. The successful reconstruction of the BM has enormous potential benefits to the society. Its success depends, partly, on the development of a suitable culture system necessary for its growth. In the present work, we have developed a mathematical model for a 3-D perfused BM culture system that captures the growth characteristics of the BM microenvironment, and as a first approximation, mimics the structural entity of in vivo BM. The model has been used to investigate cellular growth, fluid flow, shear stress and nutrient distribution within a Rotating Wall Perfused Bioreactor - RWPB (Synthecon Inc.). Based on our preliminary results, for a 2 week culture, it was observed that the total cell number increased by 30 and 38 fold for a scaffold with 90% and 80% porosity, respectively. Further analysis showed that, with a 20% oxygen supply, the oxygen tension was sufficiently maintained to avoid hypoxic regions, but with increasing axial distance in the bioreactor some areas experienced low oxygen levels; though this effect varied with porosity of the scaffold.
AU - Mantalaris,A
AU - Xu,XY
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PY - 2005///
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TI - Development of a mathematical model for a 3-D perfused bone marrow culture system
T2 - AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings
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