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AB - PURPOSE: To report a computational study assessing the hemodynamic outcomes of branched stent-grafts (BSGs) for different anatomic variations. METHODS: Idealized models of BSGs and fenestrated stent-grafts (FSGs) were constructed with different visceral takeoff angles (ToA) and lateral aortic neck angles. ToA was defined as the angle between the centerlines of the main stent-graft and side branch, with 90° representing normal alignment, and 30° and 120° representing angulated side branches. Computational simulations were performed by solving the conservation equations governing the blood flow under physiologically realistic conditions. RESULTS: The largest renal flow recirculation zones (FRZs) were observed in FSGs at a ToA of 30°, and the smallest FRZ was also found in FSGs (at a ToA of 120°). For straight-neck stent-grafts with a ToA of 90°, mean flow in each renal artery was 0.54, 0.46, and 0.62 L/min in antegrade BSGs, retrograde BSGs, and FSGs, respectively. For angulated stent-grafts, the corresponding values were 0.53, 0.48, and 0.63 L/min. All straight-neck stent-grafts experienced equal cycle-averaged displacement forces of 1.25, 1.69, and 1.95 N at ToAs of 30°, 90°, and 120°, respectively. Angulated main stent-grafts experienced an equal cycle-averaged displacement force of 3.6 N. CONCLUSION: The blood flow rate in renal arteries depends on the configuration of the stent-graft, with an FSG giving maximum renal flow and a retrograde BSG resulting in minimum renal flow. Nevertheless, the difference was small, up to 0.09 L/min. Displacement forces exerted on stent-grafts are very sensitive to lateral neck angle but not on the configuration of the stent-graft.
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