Terms of Reference

The Department has established a Strategic Advisory Board, made up of Alumni and Friends of the Department with wide international industrial and academic experience to advise and assist the Head of Department and his team on both the strategic plan of the Department and how to achieve it.

This will be a diverse group (about 15 people) who will meet twice a year (once in person and once by teleconference) to review progress and set targets for achieving the Department’s goals. In more detail, the terms of reference are:

Inward facing

  • Support the Department in the evolution and implementation of its strategy for education, research and translation
  • Receive and review the evidence and information provided by the Department of progress against agreed actions and milestones and act as a critical friend in terms of the pace and nature of the achievements
  • Meet with key stakeholders (students, researchers and a range of staff) in Chatham House style meetings to receive feedback and provide an independent and confidential conduit of information
  • Provide advice on Departmental structures, processes and operational efficiency

Outward facing

  • Provide insights into the trends in their workplaces and the evolving skills they seek in our students
  • Give feedback on how the Department is perceived by the outside world and our major stakeholders against the main pillars of our strategy
  • Act as advocates and champions of the Department, both with the College and outside
  • Help the Department build a thriving community of engaged Alumni


Board members will serve a three year term that is extendable on an annual basis.

 Membership - 2023

  • SAB: Ian Shott (Chair), Vik Bansal, Ed Daniels, Andrew Ferguson, Judith Hackett, Des King, Jez Mohideen, Andrea Redford, Andrea Sinclair, Jose de Souza, Sir William Wakeham
  • Department: Omar Matar (HoD), Claire Adjiman (Director of the Sargent Centre), Joao Cabral (EDI Champion), Jerry Heng (Director of UG Studies), Cleo Kontoravdi (Director of PG Studies), Sandro Macchietto (Enterprise Champion), Geoff Maitland, Erich Muller (Director of Resources), Camille Petit (Director of Research), Karen Polizzi (MSc Coordinator), Anusha Sri-Pathmanathan (Department Operations Manager), Paul Fennell (Student Experience Champion), Anna Hankin (Outreach Champion), Maria Papathanasiou (Alumni Champion), Chris Tighe (Student Experience Champion)
  • SAB Emeritus: Des King, Philip Varley