The Department of Chemical Engineering’s Sustainability Committee has been formed to put into practice its commitment to achieving Net Zero goals by analysing and reducing the carbon footprint of the department. Once it has identified key areas for improvement, it will work with teams across the department and the college to introduce and support more sustainable practices. 

Their key focal points will be:

  • Carbon footprint boundaries and scoping
  • Quantifying annual carbon emissions
  • Informing a carbon mitigation plan 

The committee has been working closely with the Estates team, Finance, and the Department’s Services and Safety Manager to gather data on energy usage and departmental travel.

The data falls into three scopes:

Scope 1: Emissions that happen on the premises

Scope 2: Emissions associated with electricity consumption and heat consumption for heating the building

Scope 3: All other emissions, for example those generated by commuting and business travel

Following the completion of their study they will outline key recommendations to reduce the carbon emissions generated by the Committee.


  • Co-leads: Professor Benoit Chachuat and Professor Omar Matar (Head of Department)
  • Net Zero strategist: Dr Salvador Acha
  • Sustainability advisor: Professor Nilay Shah
  • Sustainability analyst: Dr Jasmin Cooper
  • Department Services and Safety Manager: Perminder Amrit
  • Carbon stream researcher: Max Bird
  • Non-academic representatives
  • Postgraduate and undergraduate representatives

Terms of reference

  • To identify and connect with internal and external stakeholders critical to success (e.g. Estates, Safety, Campus Services, ICT, academics, students, education, research)
  • To map out Departmental carbon streams and quantify carbon emissions
  • To support data collection and engagement across the Department and College
  • To create a virtuous cycle that sustains the sustainability agenda
  • To identify barriers and resources needed from stakeholders in the Department to support the sustainability plan