Image of a building with text label reading 'chem eng wiki'The Imperial Chem Eng Wiki was created in January 2020 by undergraduate students Thomas Nok Cheng and Pierre Walker. It was designed to support students to students to review, reflect and discuss the material taught in lectures within a virtual space. It aimed to consolidate course content into a single location to make it easier for students to retrieve information and to better understand how modules are aligned to achieve overall learning outcomes. 

One of the primary goals of the Wiki is to increase cohort-building within the student community and facilitate a larger proportion of students who can meet virtually to share resources within a common space; this can transcend the boundaries of peer and academic groups.  This can help meet several challenges brought about by Imperial’s move to multi-mode teaching in the upcoming academic year by offering increased support to our students who may be geographically distributed across several time zones.  The aim here would be to minimise isolated student experiences by promoting collaborative learning through virtual peer interactions, which can further enhance student engagement and learning experiences.

The Imperial Chem Eng Wiki features most of the MEng modules and is available to all undergraduates and MSc students.