Our exciting Summer School programmes within the ChemEng Discovery Space boast a range of specially designed educational courses that allow students to expand their knowledge outside traditional term time and have been specifically constructed for groups from overseas academic institutions.

Three week programme: Carbon Capture Theory and Pilot Plant Operation

Now in its third year, this short course has been specifically designed at the request of one of our regularly attending universities to meet the needs of students who may not have had an opportunity in the past to work hands-on with our centrepiece facility, the Carbon Capture Pilot Plant.

Where else would a student without previous experience be allowed to control a £10m facility? Future employers - please take notice of our attendees' exceptional experience!

Spread over a highly intensive period of study for three weeks students will, in the first week of studying theory, be taken on a highly-paced resume of process analysis, transfer processes, separation processes, process dynamics and control and given learning tasks.

The final two weeks will be devoted to learning and thinking on their feet inside the pilot plant, taking health and safety instructions, walking the P&IDs, discovering over 250 instruments, starting up and controlling the Plant, reacting to emergencies and working in real life teamwork situations. Find out more on our learning outcomes page.

Students will also receive some social and cultural activities, similar to those contained in the longer experiment-based course below.

For invited institutions only (not individuals), this highly popular short-course for 2019 now has two dates: Monday 22 July - Friday 9 August and Monday 5 August - Friday 23 August.

Summer school photos

Your experience with us

This Summer School programme is provided to juniors and seniors studying chemical engineering and comprises a tight and demanding schedule combining laboratory experiments, a rig-building team exercise and a Pilot Plant hands-on experience.  

Young chemical engineers will enjoy an outstanding training experience in our state-of-the-art carbon capture pilot plant and its' ABB Control Room, which will equip them with unique expertise for their future careers in the industry.

Summer school students will also take part in a bespoke range of short and long undergraduate laboratory experiments based on our current MEng curriculum and an enjoyable and entertaining rig-building challenge.

There will also be an opportunity to take guided visits around a number of cultural and historical sites in and around London. Students also enjoy exploring the rest of the UK and Ireland, and, as London is the gateway to Europe, they may make the most of their free time to go exploring further afield.

Contact information

The course is coordinated by Professor Daryl Williams and Mr Clive Rodgers. In the first instance please email c.rodgers@imperial.ac.uk.

Please note that all of our Summer School programmes are for block bookings by institutions only, subject to agreeing our contract terms and conditions, and we are unable to accept applications from individual students.