Aghogho Otakoro, Fourth Year Undergraduate

Aghogho Otakoro photoAghogho Otakoro is a Fourth Year Undergraduate in the Department of Chemical Engineering. She chose to study the subject because she found that it combined all the subjects she was naturally good at - chemistry, maths, economics, and computing science.

She says she initially joked with her friends about applying to Imperial College London because she thought it was a place unattainable for her.

“However, when it came to making applications, a couple of my friends and my computing science teacher encouraged me to apply to Imperial as they truly believed I was capable of getting in,” she said. 

Aghogho says one of the main things she enjoys about the department is the wide range of events, from wine and cheese tasting, to pancakes on pancake day to careers help and events.

Her favourite aspect of her degree so far is optimising processes.

“I enjoy looking for ways that things can be improved and so making processes more efficient or increasing the process’s functionality is the part of chemical engineering that I enjoy the most.”

Aghogho is looking at developing a career in the energy industry.

“I am looking into developing my career in the energy industry. I am extremely passionate about contributing to increasing energy supply in a sustainable but environmentally friendly way,” she explained. 

She believes that higher education institutions could better support their Black members by establishing and advertising specialised advice and counselling services.

“Many times, when these services are established, many people tend to be unaware of their existence or how to go about accessing them. Therefore, I think it’s important to promote these services,” she said.