Our research activities are grouped into themes which cover a wide range of topics within chemical engineering. Our interests range from the molecular to the mega-scale.

We work with the chemicals, energy, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and processing industries on many of the world’s most urgent grand challenges; these include cleaner and more efficient energy, moving from fossil fuels to renewable biomass feedstocks, water treatment and recycling and personalised and affordable healthcare.

We want to make sure our research is of direct relevance to industry and society."

Professor Magda Titirici

Director of Research

Our research is translational and linked to innovation; we support commercialisation of research by facilitating the development of spin-out companies and investing in intellectual property licensing. We have real impact on society and regularly engage in two-way conversations with the public to ensure our work remains informative, inspirational and relevant.

Alongside this we have expertise in mathematical analysis, modelling, and computation, as well as in small- and large-scale experimental techniques; we deploy, and indeed very often develop, the most up-to-date methods. The wide range of multi-scale skills and expertise of our multi-disciplinary staff enable us to achieve fundamental understanding of complex problems and phenomena that lie at the heart of multi-sector industrial applications. These are just some of the reasons we are consistently rated as one of the leading departments in the UK and the world for research in chemical engineering. 

There are hundreds of individual research projects in progress at any time, many of which are collaborations with industry, other academic institutions, and/or other departments within Imperial. Find out more by following the links on the left-hand side of the page.