This is a student prize in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London that rewards academically excellent students who have also demonstrated exemplary citizenship. The prize Fraser and Norma Stoddart is made annually and can be awarded to UG, PGT and PGR students. The prizes will all reward the same achievements and endeavours, at the discretion of the judging panels.

The Fraser & Norma Stoddart Prize winners will be students who have excelled academically and so are in the top cohort for their course, but have also demonstrated exemplary citizenship during the period of their programme.

Exemplary citizenship can be demonstrated by such activities as, but not limited to:

  • volunteering in STEM outreach or other education or community outreach activities
  • organising student activities within the Department, Faculty or College
  • providing mentorship, supervision, or advice to junior students to an extent that goes above and beyond typical examples of help and assistance
  • entrepreneurship – particularly for start-ups addressing societal issues
  • extraordinary acts of helpfulness or kindness.

Winners of the Fraser and Norma Stoddart Prize

Academic Year 2023-24

To be confirmed