The Chemistry research technicians operate as a team with a combined office phone number (45746) and email address. If you have a fairly generic enquiry it is best to make contact here for the quickest response. On the other hand if you know who you are looking for you can contact them individually below.


  • Andrew Coulson

    Portrait of a man

    Personal details

    Andrew Coulson Tissue Culture Facility Technician

    +44 (0)7714 051454

    Responsible for

    Maintenance of Tissue Culture Laboratory
    Cell Culture Training
    Ladder Inspection


  • Richard Goberdhan

    Richard Goberdhan

    Personal details

    Richard Goberdhan Electrical Repair, Construction & Safety

    +44 (0)7714 051396

    Responsible for

    Electrical Safety
    PAT Testing
    Electrical Repair
    Electrical Modification

  • Stefanos Karapanagiotidis


    Personal details

    Stefanos Karapanagiotidis Departmental Electrical Safety Technician

    +44 (0)7590 250036

    Responsible for

    Electrical workshop
    Electrical safety
    PAT test
    Prototype Design & Construction
    Equipment Modification

  • Oswald Marongwe

    Personal details

    Oswald Marongwe Departmental & Hazardous Materials Technician

    +44 (0)20 7594 5746

    Responsible for

    Hazardous Chemical Waste Management & Coordinator
    Aqueous Waste Management
    Solvent, Silica, Clinical Waste Management
    Research Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice Delivery Service
    Departmental Scientific Glassblowing & Repairs Point of Contact
    Molecular Science Research Hub First Aid Coordinator
    Departmental Technical Cover:
    - Solvent Drying Systems, 
    - Tissue Culture, 
    - Portable Appliance Testing

  • Dianna Nguyen

    Dianna Nguyen

    Personal details

    Dianna Nguyen Technical Services Manager

    +44 (0)7590 250928

    Responsible for

    SciQuest ERM
    Hazardous Waste Disposal
    Solvent Drying Towers

  • Lee Tooley

    Lee Tooley

    Personal details

    Lee Tooley Workshop Engineer

    +44 (0)20 759 47877 / +44 (0)7590 250655

    Responsible for

    Mechanical Prototype Design & Construction
    Chemistry Heavy Lifting Assessor