The Department of Chemistry is at the forefront of modern chemistry research, both in our core discipline and at the interfaces of chemistry with other subjects. We are committed to both fundamental science and applications-orientated research, seeing these as a common endeavour and collaborate widely across the College, and with other academic institutions and industry in the UK and around the world. The Department is also involved in several multidisciplinary institutes, centres and networks

In 2018, many of Chemistry’s activities moved into the Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH) - a custom-built facility at Imperial’s White City Campus. Designed to support the College's vision for Chemistry, this landmark building is providing the Department with the space (26,000 sqm) and infrastructure needed to realise the potential for major advances in molecular and chemical science whilst also helping to develop a new molecular sciences neighbourhood.

The MSRH also uniquely provides the opportunity for a number of internal and external researchers from academia and industry to co-locate with us for an agreed period, working shoulder to shoulder on common challenges. Collaborators joining us in the building have access to:

  • expertise and established know how of Chemistry academics for idea generation and short term problem solving
  • people through joint supervision of research projects
  • state of the art facilities including molecular characterisation and autonomous chemistry as well as extensive wet-lab capabilities, cleanrooms, materials manufacturing laboratories, nanomaterials fabrications and molecular imaging suites

If you would like to learn more about how you can work with us, please contact Dr Sarah Al-Beidh.

Ways of working with us