If you are interested in refreshing or updating your skills, or learning something new, but cannot commit to study full-time, you should consider our MSc modules, some of which we offer as stand alone units alongside some purpose made short courses.

As part of its teaching provision, the Department offers a wide range of MSc programmes  to practicing engineers and fresh graduates designed specifically to upgrade or develop new areas of expertise. All programmes are delivered by leading international specialists, and are accredited by the Joint Board of Moderators, with the exception of Fluid Mechanics and Materials, which are accreditation pending.

All professional development is run in conjunction with the College School of Professional Development.

Modular Courses

The range of modules available are grouped within the following subject areas: Environmental Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Materials, Structural Engineering and Transport. These courses are delivered on a modular basis during the Autumn and Spring terms and are available to professionals, who, while not wishing to register for an MSc degree, wish to acquire additional specialist training. Provision of these modules are dependent upon demand.

The Autumn Term runs from October to December and the spring term from January to March of each year, both terms are of 11 weeks duration, teaching normally runs for 9-10 weeks.

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Certificates of Attendance

The Imperial College London Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all delegates who have successfully and satisfactorily completed their chosen module(s); transcripts will be issued to those to undertake the relevant assessments associated with the modules.

Environment and Water Resources Engineering

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Fluid Mechanics
 CIVE70077 Buoyancy Driven Flows Yes -
 CIVE70081 Coastal Processes - Yes
 CIVE70082 Energy Systems - Yes
Fluid Mechanics Engineering syllabus
Summary of the table's contents
Geotechical Engineering
  CIVE70007 Geotechnical Hazards  Yes  -
  CIVE70037 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering  -   Yes
Geotechnical Engineering syllabus
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 CIVE70066 Concrete Materials  -  Yes
 CIVE97150 Polymers and Polymer Composites  -  Yes
 CIVE70070 Assessment, Monitoring and Repair of Structures  -  Yes
Materials syllabus
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Structural Engineering
 CIVE70006 Design of Timber and Masonry Structures  Yes  -
 CIVE70090 Finite Element Analysis  Yes  -
 CIVE70102 Reinforced concrete 1  Yes  -
 CIVE70097 Steel Components  Yes  -
 CIVE70095 Structural Dynamics  Yes  -
 CIVE70092 Structural Stability  Yes  -
 CIVE70096 Structural Analysis  Yes  -
 CIVE70091 Structural Steel Technology  Yes  -
 CIVE70066 Concrete Materials  -  Yes
 CIVE70010 Nonlinear Structural Analysis  -   Yes
 CIVE70103 Plated Structures  -  Yes
 CIVE70101 Reinforced Concrete 2  -  Yes
 CIVE97100 Seismic Design of Concrete Structures  -  Yes
 CIVE70099 Seismic Design of Steel Structures  -  Yes
 CIVE70093 Structural Reliability Theory  -  Yes
Structural Engineering syllabus
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