Noel HowellHi, I’m Noel and I’m studying an MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics at Imperial College London. I’m originally from Wolverhampton, UK and previously studied Mathematics at the University of Liverpool for my bachelors degree. I enjoy travelling and playing sports and I plan on beginning my career in environmental engineering after completing my masters here.

Why did you decide to do an MSc with us?
Transferring my skills from mathematics to the world of engineering was a natural choice for me. Fluid Mechanics combines the best features of mathematics with those of environmental engineering. Studying a masters at Imperial has opened many doors for me: the university’s fantastic reputation will have a lasting effect on my career path.

How have your skills developed, both professional and personal?
The variety of projects I have worked on at Imperial has improved my ability to adapt to working on different areas of engineering. Whether it be working in teams or independently, I really enjoyed the challenges faced with these projects.

What do you enjoy most about studying in the department?
I really loved working with people from different backgrounds. Making friends from different countries has been a great part of my studies in London. Help from course-mates and staff was always here for me!

What has been the most challenging part of the programme?
Keeping on top of an intense workload was challenging but entirely worth it. That being said, looking back on my semesters at Imperial, I realise that taking time off away from work is important for your study performances. Recognising when to apply the brakes on work was challenging for me. All in all, I can look back on with pride at the work I completed at Imperial. I’m glad to have made it through!

What have been the highlights so far?
One of the highlights has been getting to know London really well. I have some great memories of the city! I also enjoyed the journey I had through semesters of working hard and overcoming difficult modules.

What advice would you give someone considering doing an MSc with us?
Studying at Imperial is a brilliant opportunity to enjoy London and join some societies. Try not to over-do it with work when you don’t need to. But when the time is right, especially with examinations, give it your best shot. If you give it your all, you can look back on your studies with no regrets.