Funded PhD Vacancies
Project Title or Vacancy Reference NumberContact for further detailsClosing Date
Application of immersive virtual environment technology to assess effectiveness of long-term pre-incident public education at facilitating adaptive response during mass casualty emergencies

Read the full project description: AM2207aT Majumdar-A PhD Opportunity
Professor Arnab Majumdar 23:59 on Friday 26 August 2022
Digital twins for the flexible resilience-informed planning of water strategy

Read the full project description: AM2207a Mijic-A PhD Opportunity
Dr Ana Mijic Open
Effect of ground water composition on the design of a nuclear waste disposal facility

Read the full project description: LZ2203a Zdravkovic-L PhD opportunity
Professor Lidija Zdravkovic Open
Engineering zero emissions cement from electric arc furnace waste

Read the full project description: RM2202a Myers-R PhD opportunity
Dr Rupert Myers Open
Hydrogen embrittlement testing

Read the full project description: EMP2111a
Dr Emilio Martínez-Pañeda Open
Composite Materials and Structures

Read the full project description: CW2110a
Dr Chao Wu Open
Novel heated permeable pavements for safe and resilient airports

Read the full project description: ‌AK2109a Kia-A PhD opportunity
Dr Alalea Kia Open 
Chemical and properties of low and potentially negative CO2 cementitious binders derived from high-volume industrial by-products and common raw materials

Read the full project description: RM2011a‌‌
Dr Rupert Myers Open
Computational Fracture Mechanics

Read the full project description: EM1907a‌
Dr Emilio Martínez-Pañeda Open
* 'open' vacancies remain open until a suitable candidate is identified.
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Scholarship Opportunities
Project Title or Vacancy Reference NumberContact for further detailsClosing Date
 Departmental Scholarships
 Sarah Willis  30/8/22
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