To complete the MSc all students registered for programmes in the Advanced Structural Engineering Cluster must undertake six modules in both the Autumn and Spring terms, with Core modules being compulsory. Over the Summer term students will commence work on an individual Research / Design Project.  


Autumn Term
 CIVE70102 Reinforced concrete I  Core  Core   Core  -
 CIVE70012 Prestressed Concrete  Core  -  Elective  -
 CIVE70090 Finite Element Analysis  Elective  Core  Elective  Elective
 CIVE70095 Structural Dynamics  Elective  Core  Elective  Elective
 CIVE70097 Steel Components  -  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE70092 Structural Stability  Elective  -  Elective  Core
 CIVE70091 Structural Steel Technology  -  -  -  Core
 CIVE70096 Structural Analysis  Core  Core  Core  Core
 CIVE70007 Geotechnical Hazards  -  Core  -  -
 CIVE70006 Design of Timber and Masonry Structures  Elective  -  Elective  Elective
 CIVE70064 Cementitious Materials  Elective  -  Elective  -
Autumn term syllabus
Summary of the table's contents
Spring Term
 CIVE70066 Concrete Materials  Core  -  Elective  -
 CIVE70101 Reinforced Concrete 2  Core  Elective  Core  -
 CIVE70010Nonlinear Structural Analysis  Elective  Core  Elective  Elective
 CIVE70099 Seismic Design of Concrete Structures  Elective  Core  -  -
 CIVE70098Seismic Design of Steel Structures  -  Core  -  Elective
 CIVE70104 Design of Steel Buildings  -  -  Core  Core
 CIVE70103 Plated Structures  -  -  Elective  Elective
 CIVE70105 Design of Bridges  Elective  Elective  Elective  Elective
 CIVE70093 Structural Reliability Theory  Elective  Elective  Elective  Elective
 CIVE70037 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering  -  Elective  -  -
 CIVE70014 Theory of Shells  Elective  -  Elective  Elective
 CIVE70094 Structural Fire Engineering  Elective  Elective  Elective  Elective
Spring term syllabus
Summary of the table's contents
Summer Term
 CIVE70100 Research/Design Project - Structures  Core  Core  Core  Core
Summer term syllabus
Summary of the table's contents