Matthew TseHello! My name is Matthew from Hong Kong. I recently finished my MSc in Engineering Fluid Mechanics for the Offshore, Coastal and Built Environments. Before Imperial, I had completed my bachelor’s in civil engineering from Swansea University. I am one of the course representatives of my cohort.

Why did you decide to do an MSc with us?

I will be telling a lie if I say the rankings have no effect on my decision, however, Imperial College offers much more than that. Pioneering researches, renowned professors, World-class laboratories and a high employment rate after graduation are all factors contributing to the decision.

What does a typical week look like for you?

Typically, lectures are spread over 4 days every week leaving one weekday and the weekend free. Lectures start from 9/10 am or 1/2 pm and can last up to three hours. Despite the busy schedule, I try to give myself half a day or a day to relax.

What advice would you give someone considering doing an MSc with us?

Time management for a good work-life balance is key at Imperial. Studying at Imperial is not easy, and it requires dedication in terms of time and hard work. It is easy to “lose yourselves” in coursework and miss out on other opportunities, and it is certain that you will need some rest at some point. Oh, and good luck!

What has been the most challenging part of the programme?

It must be the adaptation period to the “IC Tempo”. Quite the slope for me and maybe some of you I’m afraid, but worth the effort I would say (Now that I’m done).