This year’s winners were:

2023 Student Prize Winners
 EWRE Award: Elsa Germain
Improving a Decision-making Framework for Choosing Faecal Sludge Treatment Technologies
Supervised by: Professor Mike Templeton

Highly commended: Robin Maes-Prior
Using an Integrated Modelling Framework to Understand the Role of Groundwater Infiltration and Sewer Interaction on Wastewater Management
Supervised by: Dr Ana Mijic
Fluid Mechanics  Award: Martin Bogaert
Enhancing Networks of Low-cost Air Quality Sensors: RPCA-based Techniques for Patterns Extraction, Hotspot Identification, and Signal Connection
Supervised by: Professor Maarten van Reeuwijk

Highly commended: Jaimin Symonds-Patel
Functional Dimensional Analysis for Engineers using Haskell
Supervised by: Dr John Craske
Geotechnics Award: Charlotte Day
Optimising Engineered Barrier Design to Mitigate Shrinkage and Swelling of London Clay under Climate Change
Supervised by: Dr Katerina Tsiampousi

Award: Chung Hei (Jerry) Ng
Seismic Response of Monopile-supported Wind Turbine Systems: Combination Laws of Kinematic and Inertial Interaction
Supervised by: Dr David Taborda

Highly commended: Chin Lok (Jasper) Yu
Assessing the Effect of Heating Soils on Their Engineering Behaviour Under Saturated Conditions Supervised by: Professor Jamie Standing
Materials Award: Raagavi Satkunanathan
An Investigation into the Long-term Durability of Novel Permeable Pavements
Supervised by: Dr Alalea Kia

Highly commended: Zhuo Tuong Lim
Designing Novel, High-capacity Metal 3D Printed Circular Hollow Sections
Supervised by: Dr Craig Buchanan
Structures Award: In Lord Enoch Lee
Topology Optimisation for Reduced Embodies Carbon Design
Supervised by: Dr Christian Malaga Chuquitaype

Highly commended: Cheuk-Wai (Ricco) Yuen
Harnessing Buckling within Lattice Structures for Energy Absorption Systems
Supervised by: Professor Ahmer Wadee
 Transport Award: Michal Michael Miesiarczyk
Analysing Public Transport Performance Using General Transit Feed Specification Realtime Data
Supervised by: Professor Dan Graham H

ighly commended
: Jack Alexandre Mcnish
Towards Accurate Simulations of Space-based Solar Power
Supervised by: Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis
2023 Student Conference Prize Winners
2018 Student Conference: Poster Prize Winners