Students take a combination of core and elective modules. Parts I and II consist of core modules only. Part III is a mixture of core and elective with Part IV comprising a selection of elective modules and the completion of a core piece of independent research work culminating in presentation of research findings normally in a Student Conference and at a Poster event.

Students registered for the year abroad programme will take the relevant language course for credit in years I and II, with the option to continue their language studies in the third year. 

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Parts III and IV

Part III

Core modules

I-Explore has been introduced as part of the new curriculum and is offered in the Third-Year course.  I-Explore will give you the chance to deepen your knowledge in a brand-new subject area, chosen from a range of for-credit modules built into your degree.  

I-Explore modules contribute 5 ECTS to your overall degree credit.  I-Explore modules are Pass/Fail and therefore the mark students receive will not factor into degree classifications.  The mark will appear on students’ transcripts.

To make it easier to follow your interests, the I-Explore portfolio has been divided into a series of categories:

  • Imperial Horizons modules
  • Business for Professional Engineers and Scientists (BPES) modules
  • STEMM modules
  • Multidisciplinary Project module

There is no option to opt-out of taking an I-Explore module. The College considers it critical to your learning experience.  A version of the Module Guide can be viewed from their website at:

You will be asked to select your I-Explore module before you complete your Second Year and before you take the module.

! Important information for students wanting to spend their final year abroad in a non-English taught placement   If you are aiming to go abroad in your final year you must continue to follow your language and reach the required level (minimum level is 4) by selecting the language as your I-Explore module.  If you have already reached the required level, you may select another I-Explore module instead, and if so, you should then continue to keep fluent with the language through other means.

Elective modules

In addition to I-Explore, two elective modules (one in each term) must be taken from the list. Note that some of the Autumn term electives for third years are also open to fourth years, so you may choose to take such an elective in either year.

Autumn Term

Spring Term

* Electives available in Part III and Part IV