Students take a combination of core and elective modules. Parts I and II consist of core modules only. Part III is a mixture of core and elective with Part IV comprising a selection of elective modules and the completion of a core piece research work culminating in its presentation at a poster event and in a Student Conference.

Students registered for the year abroad programme will take the relevant language course for credit in years I and II, with the option to continue their language studies in the third year. 

Parts III and IV

Part III

Core modules

Elective modules

Please select one from the Autumn Term and one from the Spring Term.  If you are choosing an Imperial Horizons course for Degree Credit as one of your Third Year Electives, this course will be taken over both terms but will count as one module.  Therefore, if you are accepted onto a course you must still undertake a Civil Engineering module, in either the Autumn or Spring Term.  An Imperial Horizons course can also be taken for Extra Credit in addition to you selecting a Civil Engineering module in both the Autumn & Spring Terms.

If you are choosing a BPES module as one of your electives in the Autumn Term, you must choose a Civil Engineering module for your second elective in the Spring Term, or vice-versa.

Autumn Term

Spring Term

* Electives available in Part III and Part IV

Part IV

Core modules

Elective modules (5 to be chosen from the 16 listed below).                                     
Select no more than 1 module from each Stream

Stream 1: 

Stream 2: 

Stream 3: 

Stream 4: 

Stream 5: 

Stream 6: 

Stream 7: 

Stream 8: 

Stream 9: 

* Electives available in Part III and Part IV
** Students must have already taken Part III Concrete Structures in order to follow this elective