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Our Department of Computing is proud to offer a research-led education environment that values and invests in people. We conduct world-class research and transfer this research into our teaching. Find out more about our strategy, taught courses, research environment, and staff on our welcome page.


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Featuring PhD student Dominika

Featuring PhD student Dominika

Featuring PhD student Dominika

PhD Computing student

Optimising Electric Vehicle Public Charging Infrastructure


Student project

Marily Nika Interview

PhD Success stories

Marily Nika Interview

Marily Nika (PhD Computer Science, 2015) is an AI Product Manager at Google London and supports the development of speech technologies used all over the world. She is an advocate for women in tech and has given numerous TEDx talks receiving international recognition.

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third-year student project

Spot the Lesion

third-year student project

Reesearch project

Tackling Crohn’s Disease using Deep Learning

Research project

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