Imperial’s reputation as an international centre of research and teaching excellence has been built upon the achievements of diverse staff working over many decades. Our new College values (Respect, Collaboration, Integrity, Innovation and Excellence) emphasise the importance of culture and diversity, and shape how we work with one another. Read more about our College Values

Within the Department of Computing, we take pride in the diversity of our staff and students and recognise that a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives is essential in driving innovation forward. Diversity is positively encouraged and embedded within our teaching and learning strategy. As well as an active Women in Computing group, Computing society (DoCSoc) and newly formed LGBTQ+ Allies Network, we have an Equality, Diversity and Education Committee consisting of undergraduate and postgraduate representatives, academics, support staff and visiting members from across Faculty who are dedicated to bringing about positive change.

We actively promote a friendly and inclusive culture and believe that the dignity and individuality of each person should be respected. Freedom of expression and being able to be yourself at work is something that we strongly encourage, and we strive to have an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and is recognised for their contributions and talents.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within the Department of Computing please contact

If you would like to make a suggestion or give anonymous feedback, a short (one question) survey can be found by scrolling down to the end of this page.

Raising Concerns

Staff can feel unsure of who to contact when they have a problem, or they may feel uncomfortable contacting their line manager. If the concern is in relation to an equality, diversity or culture issue, staff can contact the Department of Computing's Equality, Diversity and Culture Committee using this anonymous online contact form

Members of staff can also seek guidance using Imperial College's Staff Supporters Scheme. A Staff Supporter is an existing member of staff who is part of a trained network of volunteers which provide confidential and positive assistance to all Imperial staff when they need information, guidance and support. 

Report + Support

Imperial College London uses the Report and Support tool, which allows you to disclose unwelcoming behaviours such as bullying, harassment, sexual violence, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, racial discrimination and more.

Anyone can use the tool, including staff, students, contractors and visitors to the College. You can use the tool if you have witnessed an incident, or experienced bullying or harassment directly. You can disclose something anonymously or you can provide your details to be put in contact with someone. If you disclose something using the Report and Support tool this does not mean you have made a formal report to the College. However, if you ask to be put in contact with someone you will have the option to discuss the best interventions, specialist support, and identify the next steps.

Have Your Say Campaign

Staff, students and visitors can also report or challenge any negative behaviours, such as bullying, harassment or discrimination via the Faculty of Engineering's Have Your Say Campaign

If you are not a current member of staff and would like to raise an issue or provide feedback specifically to/about our Department, please use the Feedback Form below. Alternatively you can email

Feedback and Suggestions

As a Department, we continuously strive to embed positive equality, diversity and inclusion practices throughout, and welcome any honest feedback and/or suggestions you may have that could help us to improve.

Please note that all suggestions are anonymously recorded, with none of your personal data stored or shared. Your anonymous suggestions will be used to inform best practice only, and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Equality, Diversity and Culture Committee (EDCC).