The Equality, Diversity and Culture Committee aims to support the Department of Computing in achieving the following equality and diversity objectives:

  • No staff or student should be disadvantaged because of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or any other protected characteristics (Equality Act 2010).
  • The Department should provide an inclusive environment for all staff and students.
  • The Department should strive for diversity of staff and students along all dimensions.

Meeting frequency: Twice per term

EDCC Remit and Membership

Committee Members

The membership of the committee is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the diversity across staff and students in the Department. Current membership for 2019/20 includes:

  • Prof Julie McCann, Committee Chair
  • Dr Ruth Misener, Academic representative
  • Dr Maria Valera Espina, Teaching Fellow and Senior Tutor representative
  • Dr Anandha Gopalan, Teaching Fellow representative
  • Ms Ann Halford, Professional Services representative
  • Ms Linh Tran, PG Student representative
  • Ms Ada-Cristina Stoenica, UG Student representative
  • Mr Lloyd Kamara, CSG representative
  • Dr Thomas Lancaster, Departmental Disability Officer
  • Dr Jaclyn Bell, Senior Teaching Fellow for Equality and Diversity
  • DoCSoc representative 
  • External Advisor: as appropriate
  • Internal Advisors: committee meetings will occasionally be attended by advisors from Imperial College such as the members of the equivalent committee at faculty level

Committee Objectives and Remit

  • To actively engage students and staff with maintaining and developing a culture that supports a good work life balance that is supportive and respectful of all.
  • To propose actions that address equality and diversity issues faced by the Department and make sure that these are implemented. 
  • To act as a forum for the engagement of staff and students in issues related to equality and diversity and to disseminate relevant information when required.
  • To identify and prioritise areas where improvement is needed, through monitoring of relevant quantitative and qualitative data.
  • To identify and promote areas of good practice.
  • To review, advise on and facilitate changes to policies, procedures and working practices, with the aim of upholding the Department’s overarching equality and diversity aspirations.
  • To monitor and evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of policies, procedures and working practices set by the Department, the Faculty and the College, particularly regarding the Department’s overarching equality and diversity aspirations.
  • To advise on publicity, events, marketing and recruitment material within the Department.
  • To engage with other departments and institutions to share good practice.
  • To work closely with the departmental Athena SWAN self-assessment team/working group to drive the implementation of the Athena SWAN action plan.
  • To report to the Faculty Equality, Diversity and Culture Committee.
  • To identify potential equality, diversity and departmental culture issues and to report these to the Departmental Management Committee.
  • To develop and propose action plans, including outreach activities to balance the involvement of minorities in education and research in the department (including women, LGBTQIA+, cultural minorities, people of different religions, age, and disabilities).