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Health and Safety is an important aspect of our lives and one for which we are all responsible. It is perhaps particularly important in a specialised environment like Imperial College. As students of Imperial, it is your responsibility to tend to the health and safety of yourself and of others by complying the college codes of practice as well as departmental codes of practice.

  1. Departmental Health and Safety Procedures

It is imperative that you make yourself familiar with the Health and Safety page for the department of Computing and stay on top of any regulations or guidance that may change throughout the academic year. We would ask that you also familiarize yourself with the College Health and Safety Page, for campus wide updates.

  1. Accident Reporting

In the event of an accident, we ask that all students report cases through the incident reporting systems named SALUS. This is important so that staff and students can work together to ensure that any reported accidents do not occur again. Should you encounter a hazard that you feel poses potential danger, you can report that on SALUS as a ‘near miss’.

  1. Pat testing of Electrical Equipment

If you wish to bring any equipment on to campus with you, that has not been provided to you by the college, you are required to have it PAT tested.  This is in the interest of fire safety. Details on how to do this will be released later in the semester.

  1. Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

Mask wearing, social distancing and the upkeep of personal hygiene should be a priority to all those attending campus, for any reason. All staff and students must wear face masks in a shared office, lab, research space, teaching space, or when walking along corridors in Computing buildings; this does not apply to those who are exempt from mask wearing.

Details on PCR and lateral flow testing will be published on the departmental Health and Safety page as more information becomes available. Please check the page regularly for updates.

If you have attended campus and are now presenting with symptoms or have received a notification to say you are a close contact, please inform both the departmental safety officer, myself at csheehan@ic.ac.uk, and the college covid response team.

Please engage with appropriate booking systems where they are in place.

Please review the department’s regular updates on the Covid-19 information document. Further information can be found here on mask wearing, availing of NHS tests and what to do should you become symptomatic of the virus. Additional information can also be found on the college page.

  1. Please note the following important contacts:
  • Head of Department: Michael Huth
  • Department Operations Manager: Anne O’Neill
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies: Anthony Field
  • Director of MSc Studies: Anandha Gopalan
  • Teaching Support Manager: Rituparna Saha
  • Display Screen Equipment Assessor: Geoff Bruce, Room 306.
  • CSG Helpdesk: Room 306, Email Help@doc.ic.ac.uk.
  • Emergency Numbers: 4444 – from a college phone, 020 7589 1000 from a mobile.

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