We recognise that undergraduate students may suffer from serious and unforeseen circumstances1 during their course.

If you are an undergraduate student from the Department of Computing, you may apply for a coursework extension or for mitigation following the process on this page. If you are student from another Department, but are studying a Computing module, you will need to apply through the process in place for your own Department (please contact your own Senior Tutor if you are not sure what this process is).

Coursework Extension

The Department of Computing operates a policy for undergraduate students where you can request a coursework extension deadline of up to two weeksTo request a coursework extension, you need to create a Coursework Mitigation Request Form in this webpage. The first time you click this link, the page should not allow you access and you should request access by clicking on the team icon “UG-mitigation- CO". This will then be reviewed by the Senior Tutor.

Once you are granted access you then can fill the mitigation form by clicking on Mitigation Application Form on your left frame and then "New". Make sure that you attach on the Coursework Mitigation Request Form all evidences you have gathered for your claim.  If you have already missed the coursework deadline, you can still submit a Coursework Mitigation Request Form within 10 working days from that deadline. 

Mitigating Circumstances

If you are an undergraduate student and you have mitigating circumstances that extend beyond a single 20% weighted coursework, like, for example, if you believe that your performance in an examination was affected, these will need to be considered under the College procedure for mitigating circumstances. Please complete the Mitigating Circumstances Request Form and fill the form in this page. Forms are available from the Examinations and Assessment page, under the mitigating circumstances tab. 

For both extension requests and mitigating circumstances requests, you should still submit the coursework you have completed by the deadline, even if this is incomplete. There is no guarantee that your claim will be accepted. 

You can find further information on the mitigation procedure in  Mitigation Circumstances 

Once you get your official results, if you think that the Board of Examiners, Mitigating Circumstances or marking and moderation process have not followed the College policies and procedures, then you can file an academic appeal

To submit a Mitigation claim (not for coursework extensions), you need to create a Mitigation Application Form in this webpage. First time you click, it should not allow you to access and you should request access by clicking on the team icon “UG-mitigation- CO". Once you are granted access you then can fill the Mitigation Application Form by clicking “New”. Make sure that you attach on the Mitigation Application Form the  Mitigating Circumstances Claim Form and all evidences you have gathered for your claim. 

Remember the deadline to submit mitigations is 10 working days from the last affected assessment.



Examples of unforeseen circumstances based on the College implementation guide
Serious short term illness at the time of the assessment (or immediately prior)
Significant adverse personal or family circumstances
Victim of a serious crime
Unavoidable transport issues
Acute exacerbation of a chronic condition or disability
Public service, such as jury service or being required to act as a witness in court
Examples of evidences based on the College implementation guide
Self Certification
IC Health Centre letter/documentation
Other GP or medical professional letter/documentation
Breakdown report/repair report
Crime reference number
Death Certificate
Emergency responder official papers/notes
Exam invigilator report
Hospital admission/discharge papers
Letter from a legal professional/notary/executor of the estate
Letter from counsellor
Letter from a funeral director
Letter from a religious leader
Media report
An official court or police correspondence
Official communication from a transport provider
Order of service