David Sharp

David Sharp leads Ocado's "Technology 10x" team that seeks to make disruptive "ten times" improvements to the technology that empowers online grocery retailing. This involves creating new automation, interaction, robotic and machine learning systems that push the state of the art in e-commerce and logistics. David was previously a Lecturer in Computing at Imperial College, having graduated from Imperial with a PhD in Computing and MBA in New Ventures. He is a scholar of King's College Cambridge, where he studied Engineering (Electrical Sciences). Prior to joining Ocado, David worked as a technology consultant in Cambridge and London, creating new technologies and advising businesses, investors and lawyers on technology-related strategies, projects and ventures.

David will take you on a journey that explores the increasingly sophisticated combination of innovative artificial intelligence, e-commerce, internet-of-things, robotic, telecommunication, transportation, cloud, logistics and warehouse technologies that are enabling the Ocado Smart Platform to transform international grocery e-commerce.