How to drive innovation with synthesized data

Innovation is impossible without data - and Synthesized found a new way to share data in a compliant manner. Synthesized DataOps platform enables data-driven regulated organizations to automate data provisioning for research and development staying compliant with data privacy using AI-curated simulated data streams.

Join the session to learn how you can:

  • Safely share data and collaborate to experiment and innovate
  • Generate high volumes of completely new data points above and beyond the original data across a multitude of scenario
  • Identify and remediate biases in data and reduce the reputational risk
  • Synthesized delivers data privacy by design 

Nicolai Baldin, Founder and CEO

Nicolai's led our growth from a simple idea 
to a service used by tech companies in the UK, Europe and the US. Nicolai’s responsible for the direction and product strategy of Synthesized. He holds a PhD in Machine Learning from the University of Cambridge.

Rob Taylor, Machine Learning Engineer 

Rob has recently completed his PhD in High Energy Physics at Imperial College London, where he worked on developing AI algorithms to search for dark matter in the universe. As part of his PhD, he developed an object-oriented Python framework to process noisy sensor data and implemented signal processing algorithms for downstream analysis. He also created a generative adversarial network architecture in PyTorch to speed up complex simulations and reduce computing requirements.