Remote Access to DoC

There are several methods for securely connecting to DoC machines from outside college. The most-appropriate method is determined by the task or application you have in mind, as well as the operating system deployed on your external machine and the DoC machine(s) to which you wish to connect.

Remote command-line access to DoC linux machines via Secure Shell (SSH)

Accessing your files remotely from DoC linux machines using Secure Copy (SCP) / Secure FTP (SFTP)

Accessing Windows applications via Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Server)

Remote Working using X2Go


The Department no longer runs its own VPN service. If you need to use a VPN (and Linux users often don't need to), then please use the college VPN service. VPN allows you access to restricted resources on the college Intranet from a machine outside the college network. Please note: the college VPN only works on machines outside the college network.

Please see this web-page (authentication required) for information on how to access your departmental home directory service from outside college over VPN and through SSH