Guido JouretSupervised by: John Darlington

Guido was a PhD student from 1987 -1991

What is he doing now: He is currently President, Global Digital Innovation Lab at Envision Energy. From 2013 – 2014, he was General Manager, Internet of Things, Cisco Systems. From 2010 – 2013, CTO and General Manager, Emerging Technologies, Cisco Systems.

I'm a technology strategist who's always been attracted to creating "smart systems" that help to solve big problems. At Cisco, it was about "connecting the unconnected". Now at Envision Energy, it's about building a digital platform that can provide clean and renewable sources of energy. The world will need 40% more energy by 2030. If we can provide energy we can solve problems like water (desalination requires a lot of energy, 30% of energy is used to distribute water), food, sanitation, etc.

I love presenting and explaining technology and am frequently asked to deliver keynotes at industry events. I was one of Cisco's top-rated presenters. I've helped to create 9 startups inside Cisco and am frequently reviewing and mentoring startups. I've been a board member of various startups in Silicon Valley.