Maxime RedstoneWhy did you choose Imperial and the Department of Computing?

Following an undergraduate degree in Astrophysics, I wanted to develop my computer science skills and looked at different computer science conversion courses. The MSc Computing Science at Imperial College really stood out to me as it provided both foundational computer science knowledge (in Term 1) and the chance to look at more advanced topics (in Term 2). This particular course is very interesting as it brings students from very different backgrounds together and you meet fantastic people!

How supported do you feel in the Department of Computing and the college about engaging with Industry? 

DoC and Imperial’s career service provide amazing links with industry. A lot of employers come on campus for career fairs throughout the year and the career service helps you with your application (CV, cover letters, interview preparation). I would definitely recommend using these great resources!

What are your career plans?

I thoroughly enjoyed the MSc Computing Science and in particular the Machine Learning and Computer Vision modules. As a result, I will be pursuing a more specialized MSc in Data Sciences for Business next year. I want to be able to leverage data to make a positive impact!

Which courses have you chosen to specialize in and why?

In term 2, I chose to focus on Computer Vision, Machine Learning and the Network and Web security modules. This MSc is a great opportunity to discover a couple of critical and exciting fields and not specialize in one direction. I found them all very interesting as they provide a good introduction to the topic and give you the tools to go on a learn more about the subject if you wish.

Looking back, what's one thing that you may have done differently if you had known?

This course is demanding and although I did participate in a couple of societies (I started fencing) and events (ICHack20 which I definitely recommend!) I would have liked to have time to be a little more involved with Imperial’s student life.

What is your best memory of your time at Imperial?

Having met such wonderful people!

What are you working on in your Individual project?

The individual project takes place during the summer term (Term 3). I am looking at how to use Data Assimilation techniques to improve air quality predictions in real-time. You get to choose your topic and I, therefore, went for one that has a real application and where I felt my work would be useful.

What is the one thing that any new Imperial student in the Department of Computing should know?

You are going to spend a lot of time in the computing labs! Enjoy learning but do not forget to get some fresh air from time to time.