Our graduates do not just have the essential core skills but have also learned how to adapt to technological change, with its challenges and opportunities. Part of how we ensure this is by liaising with industry, from cutting edge start-ups to multinational household names. The result is that Imperial's Computing graduates are some of the most sought-after worldwide and attract the highest starting salaries for Computing in the UK. 

A career in Computing opens the door to a wide range of careers. Roles span systems design, development, technical innovation, management, analysis, consultancy, training and research in many industry sectors, as well as in academia. We have close relationships with many of the major employers of Computing graduates, some of which are listed below.

It is quite common for students to be given permanent job offers in advance of graduation, on the basis of an internship or industrial placement. Our close relationships with industry open up a vast range of such opportunities.

Major employers of computing graduates