9 - 11 September 2024

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  • Duration: 3 days
  • Fees:
    - £2500 before 31 July 2024
    - £3000 after 31 July 2024
    - 25% discount for groups of 3+ attendees from same organisation
  • Fees include lunches and refreshments each day and a dinner on the first two days
  • Venue: South Kensington Campus
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Tribology is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It is a highly multidisciplinary field concerned with all aspects of contact between two bodies and encompasses the subjects of friction, lubrication and surface damage.

Practical applications of tribology are found in a wide range of industries, from the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors to metal forming and replacement hip joints. Two areas of ongoing interest are the reduction of friction, to increase the energy efficiency of machines and thereby reduce global energy use, and the reduction of wear, to increase durability and reduce maintenance costs of mechanical systems.

This course will provide the attendees with a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of friction, lubrication and wear with focus on practical applications of tribology relevant to current industry. 

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The course emphasis is on aspects of Tribology relevant to the design and performance of machine components. We will cover the underlying principles and provide attendees with the background knowledge to analyse and solve tribological problems that they may meet in their daily practice.

The course is delivered through a combination of lectures, discussions and experimental laboratory sessions designed to assist the attendees in developing their ability to solve practical tribological problems ranging from tribological design of machine components, lubricant selection and testing to establishing root causes of tribological failures.  

The course will provide a comprehensive coverage of tribology including the following topics:

  • Contact mechanics
  • Surface roughness
  • Lubricant chemistry and rheology
  • Fluid film lubrication
  • Boundary lubrication
  • Friction and efficiency
  • Tribological materials and surface engineering
  • Damage and failure mechanisms
  • Soft contacts: seals and bio-tribology
  • Modelling in Tribology
  • Practical application examples and problem-solving sessions
  • Experimental Tribology: Laboratory Session
  • Case studies
  • Future trends in Tribology

The course consists of lectures by leading academic and industrial experts, practical case studies, problem solving sessions and a hands-on practical laboratory session using a range of tribology test rigs available in the Imperial College Tribology Laboratory. 

The course is designed for engineers, scientists and technical managers working within Tribology who need clarification and broadening of their technical basis of the subject as well as those who have recently moved into the field and need a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

This includes research engineers, product designers, application engineers, chemists, physicists, materials scientists, project engineers, technical and product managers and research students.  

On completion of this course, participants will have developed an extensive appreciation and knowledge of the underlying concepts of tribology including friction, wear, lubrication and contact mechanics and be able to apply this knowledge to real problems they may encounter in their industrial practice. 

All participants will be awarded an Imperial College London Certificate of Attendance on completion of the course.