We have collated a selection of standard operating procedures (SOPs), protocols and datasets that we have developed/modified/optimised over the course of this project, and we are happy to share those as an open source library for researchers in the field. If you use our guidance, we would ask that you please cite us in your manuscript as follows: "Protocols were adapted from those used in the UK DRI Multi-'omics Atlas Project". Please note that users must follow their own local rules and health and safety procedures.

Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) Resources

We have created IMC panels to cover cytoarchitecture, pathology and disease mechanisms including those for glia, neurons, pathology, vascular, inflammatory and synapses markers. Feel free to use these resources, but make sure to cite us in your manuscript!

IMC Protocols

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IMC Methodology


Diverse human astrocyte and microglial transcriptional responses to Alzheimer's pathology

To better define roles that astrocytes and microglia play in Alzheimer's disease (AD), we used single-nuclei RNA-sequencing to comprehensively characterise transcriptomes in astrocyte and microglia nuclei selectively enriched during isolation post-mortem from neuropathologically defined AD and control brains with a range of amyloid-beta and phospho-tau (pTau) pathology.

Smith et al., 2022 - Diverse human astrocyte and microglial transcriptional responses to Alzheimer’s pathology
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Two brain regions were studied: entorhinal cortex (EC) and somatosensory cortex (SSC) and enriched for astrocytes ('astro'), microglia ('micro') and perivascular macrophages ('PerivascMacrophages').

Protocols List

Below are links to several Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Risk Assessments (RAs). These are free to download and use with acknowledgement.