Researcher sit at desktop monitor in the lab studying hyperion mass spectrometry images

The Hyperion, based on Level 7 Sir Michael Uren Hub. Photo by Thomas Angus

Centre technical experts

Vicky Chau (internal users)
MAP technician

Riad Yagoubi (external users)
PhD student in Matthews lab

Location: Level 7 Sir Michael Uren Hub, White City Campus
Technique: Mass cytometry
Manufacturer: Standard BioTools
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The Hyperion Imaging System combines cutting-edge TOF (Time of flight) cytometry technology with immunohistochemical staining and imaging to interrogate up to 37 protein biomarkers in their native tissue structures.

Harnessing the unique characteristic TOF mass spectrometry readings of lanthanide metal isotopes allows the system impressive multiplexing capabilities. Signals from isotope-labelled antibodies are detected and quantified to reflect the abundance and localization of target protein markers, permitting in-depth tissue characterisation at the single-cell level.

We utilise the Hyperion imaging system to investigate changes in protein abundance and localisation, changes in cell-type specific protein expression and cell-type interactions with pathological features of disease. The high-level multiplexing allows the simultaneous analysis of multiple complex interactions, at the single cell level, within the cellular environment.


For queries relating to the technology, please contact the relevant lead technical expert - Vicky Chau (internal users); Riad Yagoubi (external users).
For requests to use the equipment, please contact the lab manager, Megan Winterbotham, to arrange a full induction.