This July we said goodbye to some of our older children who will be starting reception this coming September. The children were dressed up in their graduation outfits, performed a song for their parent and carers and received their certificates from Tracy, the Head of the centre.

This graduation was a particularly emotional ceremony as these children were the ones that where here from the start of the pandemic and journeyed through virtual learning, lockdown and reopening of the nursery. The children did fantastic job in adjusting to all the changes that took place and we are very sad to see them go. We thank the parents and carers for trusting their bundle of joy with us and we wish all the children the best of luck in their new venture.

Please see below lovely photos of the children captured during the ceremony:

Pic 1

Marine room

Pic 2

Sunflower room

Pic 3

Class of 2021

Pic 3

Class of 2021

Pic 4

The parents joined and celebrated with the Children too

Pic 5

The ceremony ended with a lovely performance from the children