This February EYEC celebrated the Lunar new year which was our first cultural event of 2022.  

The Lunar new year is a 15-day festival that is celebrated in China and many communities around the world. This year marks the year of the Tiger which represents bravery and confidence.  The children learnt ways that people decorate their homes for the festival with lanterns and using the colour red. This can be shown through how the children helped decorate the entrance of the nursery.

The children and parents were welcomed in the morning by a dragon dance. The Dragon was ‘chasing ‘ the mystical ‘Pearl of Wisdom' with movements that symbolized the dragon's hunt for knowledge, wisdom, and the truth. The dragon was designed and handmade by the amazing team at EYEC.The kitchen team also prepared a fantastic lunch and tea for the occasion which the children enjoyed a lot.

The children will continue celebrating and learning about the festival as it lasts for 15 days ending with a lantern festival.

The Dragon dance