We at EYEC have transformed our balcony into a beautiful lush and green Eden called the Oasis. In line with our curriculum and eco policy the nursery has created this area to teach children about caring for Planet Earth, one another and biodiversity. The Oasis has become a relaxing haven for all our children, staff and parents to enjoy.

Every Tuesday a dedicated team of staff and children meet to learn and care of what they have grown, sow seeds, harvest crops and water the many plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers in the Oasis.

What you can find in our Oasis:


 The homemade wormery has been a great way of creating natural fertilizers, compost used for the plants and learn about the life cycle.

 Pizza Bed and Smelly area 

In the Pizza bed the team have grown plants and herbs that are typically found in pizzas such as, tomatoes, basil oregano and onion. In the smelly area a number of fragrant herbs have been grown these include thyme, rosemary, mint to name a few. This area provides a great sensory experience for the children as they are encouraged to touch smell and taste the leaves.

Wildlife Pond 

The children did a fantastic job in building the wildlife pond for the Oasis. The wildlife pond has been great attracting wildlife as well as providing a food and water source for them in our Oasis.

Abundance of vegetables and plants

The oasis is not only beneficial for the environment, but it supports the children’s learning and development in many ways. Meeting and interacting with each week help children build their social and emotional development.

The Oasis supports their mathematical development too as the children count the seeds they plant, count insects and caterpillars they can see, use measuring tapes to measure how tall the sunflowers are as well as look at the different shapes and patterns of plants.