The key person is crucial in building a relationship both with you and your child.

At the Early Years we operate the key person system, which involves members of staff having their own specific group of children. The group of children are known as the Key Group and each member of staff is a key person.

We hope your child develops a healthy attachment to their Key Person, in order for them to feel comfortable, relaxed and 'at home' whilst in our care. The Key Person will welcome new children and parents to the Early Years from their first visit during 'settling in', laying the foundations for a good relationship and open communication. The Key Person provides parents with a regular point of contact to discuss your child's development with in general as well as feeding back on daily care and activities after spending time with and observing your child's development. 


Benefits and features of the Key Person system 

  • Good and open relationships with parents and children
  • Being able to identify and deal with any problems which may arise efficiently
  • Making it easier to observe smaller groups of children and so recognise developmental stages and plan accordingly
  • Any area where progress is needed can be identified and learning experiences planned
  • New children are given one to one attention to settle well