Accelerating the transition to heat pumps: measuring real world performance and enabling peer-to-peer learning

Dr Richard Carmichael

Major challenges exist for decarbonising heat in buildings through mass adoption of heat pumps. These include consumer uncertainty and gaps in evidence, data and installer skills.

This Energy Futures Lab briefing paper explores in detail the potential impacts and feasibility of one approach to supporting the transition: leveraging early adopters by measuring in-situ heat pump installation outcomes and sharing these as case studies to enable peer-to-peer learning among consumers and installers.

Topics discussed include: the role of advice and support in the heat pump adoption customer journey; methods of assessing heat pump and building performance; stakeholder benefits from sharing data; and the context for implementing these recommendations.

Download the paper here.

Suggested citation: Carmichael, R., (2022) Accelerating the transition to heat pumps: measuring real-world performance and enabling peer-to-peer learning. An Energy Futures Lab Briefing Paper. Imperial College London. Available at: