Digitalising the energy system is expected to be a vital component of achieving the UK’s climate change targets. Smart meter data, in particular, is seen a key enabler of the transition to more dynamic, cost-effective, cost-reflective, and decarbonised electricity. However, access to this data faces a challenge due to consumer privacy concerns. This Briefing Paper investigates four key elements of smart meter data privacy: existing data protection regulations; the personal information embedded within smart meter data; consumer privacy concerns; and privacy-preserving techniques that could be incorporated alongside existing mechanisms to minimise or eliminate potential privacy infringements.

Suggested citation: Teng, F., Chhachhi, S., Ge, P., Graham, J., and Gunduz, D. (2022) Balancing Privacy and Access to Smart Meter Data, An Energy Futures Lab Briefing Paper, Imperial College London. Available at:

Download the Briefing Paper here.