In order to mitigate the dangerous effects of climate change, it is vitally important to embark on far-reaching, ambitious efforts to decarbonise the UK’s economy and infrastructure. While renewable technologies are rapidly evolving and dropping in price to provide a cost-effective way to decarbonise the power sector, the heating sector, which is responsible for approximately 23% of UK emissions, is forecast to be more difficult to decarbonise. 

In this Briefing Paper, the prospects for the future of home heating are analysed with specific reference to heat pumps and hydrogen heating. The report is based on extensive literature on the topic of decarbonisation of the heat industry in the UK and discusses the various advantages, challenges, and technicalities surrounding the two technologies. A set of recommendations is then proposed. 

The report was commissioned by MCS Charitable Foundation through Imperial Consultants. Amy Trask, Dr Richard Hanna and Dr Aidan Rhodes provided their independent opinion.

Click here to download the report [available from 26 January 2022].