Aimed at industry stakeholders and policymakers, the Energy Futures Lab White Papers leverage the expertise of the energy community at Imperial to offer timely, impartial and academically rigorous assessments of energy technologies and reliable analysis on important energy topics. 


The Future of Nuclear Power in the UK: Challenges and Opportunities

This white paper from Imperial College London’s Energy Futures Lab investigates the prospects for new nuclear power generation to provide a significant proportion of the UK generation, showing a rigorous, evidence based evaluation of realistic timescales, costings and required skillsets and collaborations.

Net-zero GB electricity: cost-optimal generation and storage mix

This White PaperUsing modelling from the IDLES Programme at Imperial College London, this White Paper sets out how Britain's electricity system can be transformed to achieve net-zero greeenhouse gas emissions, detailing a range of cost-efficient portfolios of electricity generation and storage technologies.

Safe and Sustainable Lithium-ion Batteries

This White Paper from Imperial College London’s Energy Futures Lab and the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering investigates the safety and sustainability of lithium-ion batteries, exploring ways of reducing their impact on the environment and ensuring they do not pose a danger to the health of workers or users.